Luscious Series

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Interview in Odiseo

´I like luscious objects and things, some might
think it´s vulgar and revolting but I don´t care.
They should be sexy and decorative at the same time.
My place is supposed to represent my personality.
I want to put glossy polished objects in there.
Just objects, sculptures and pieces that have no
particular meaning but catch peoples attention are great.´

This project started out as an idea to engineer a collection
of pieces with a focus on attributes, finishes and aesthetics
that could potentially awaken people’s desires but with a
certain degree of banality.
This idea then led to an obsession with trying to make
something that would be perceived as `luscious`.
I then conducted extensive research in order to find
the right way to fabricate the pieces,
which took me about 4 years to finish.

Luscious for me is related to something desirable that catches
people’s attention, but doesn’t necessarily have any deeper
meaning than that, something superficial and even a bit
over indulgent and rich. Objects that hover somewhere between
the attractive and the revolting, which gives an uncertain
feeling between contempt and desire, while being commodities
as part of staging someone’s life.
These are simply luscious pieces engineered (tailored)
for luscious people.