A constantly growing economy is the role model
for a successful and happy society.

To make the economy grow we need to consume.

Consumption increases work opportunities and
therefore gives people more money.

Money gives more opportunity to consume.

To have the opportunity to consume
is freedom and leads to success
and happiness.

Work brings freedom.

Success and happiness leads to a
constantly growing economy.


I was fantasizing about a business idea
that could generate eternal profit without
moral boundaries, preferably with exponential
growth. Some sort of service or product that by
its own existence would create an even bigger
need for more of the products or services, like a
cyclic addiction. A problem and a solution all in one,
a vicious cycle for the customer while a virtuous cycle
for the manufacturer.

The objects in this project explores and comments this
phenomenon, which is based on a lineup of fictitious
products which is aiming to do just that.