Around the corner


A corner is an often neglected lost domestic space, rarely occupied by art or furniture. These four corner pieces were specifically designed to take up these vacant spaces, and are about creating a spatial relationship between the corner and the object where the space in between is as important as the object itself. Initial forms were derived from 3 dimensional mathematical fractals that were manipulated digitally and then by hand to create the spontaneous looking functional pieces of furniture. This language of interweaving and fluid forms was stretched to create surfaces that reveal both a top, sides and a underneath. Each piece were made in a different material to express its particular qualities and to show how perception of a form changes according to the material n which it is conceived. The process of making the pieces mirrors the way each is designed. Following the completion of the design, digital technology was used to cut and carve out the forms which then were worked and finished by hand. The project was completed in collaboration with Future Systems for Established & Sons (copyright owned).